Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro


Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we draw towards the end of the year 2021, it gives me an immense satisfaction to inform esteem parents and guardians that the school has been faring well. With timely guidance by HM the King and support from the Royal Government of Bhutan, we are happy to inform that we are planning to bring the year to a successful end. Our academic pursuit, with psychological and physical wellbeing of our students given the prime importance has been a success. Except for few field related learning experiences that could not be carried out as planned, we are happy to report that we have been able to deliver a big success in the implementation of our planned programs.

The New Normal Curriculum (NNC) has been successfully launched with orientation of our teachers into it, and with careful implication and review of our curricular programs. Both students and teachers are working towards repeating the dividend of the NNC.

Health and safety of our students have been safely guarded with COVID 19 safety protocols in place around the clock. Wearing of face masks, physical distancing wherever possible and hand-washing has been our new routine, and now our second nature. All staff and students have completed 2nd round of COVID vaccine giving us another layer of confidence. However, out guards are still up!

Physical well-being in the form wellness programs like yoga classes, Zumba classes were organized for our students to ensure their physical well-being, in addition to our usual program of health check up and screening. In preparation for the winter, our students were also checked for Glossitis, and in some cases vitamin supplements were also organized in consultation with Paro General Hospital.

Games and literary activities were also organized under strict COVID 19 protocols to ensure that young bodies and minds are receiving the required dose of physical engagements.

RENEW and Judiciary were also invited to the school to sensitize our students with required information and skills to keep themselves from haram, harassments and exploitations.

Now as the year draw to end, our children are in preparation mode for their final examinations. Various academic programs like chapter revision, remedial classes and coaching classes are on in supplementation to the normal classes. With the efforts put in by our students and support rendered by our teachers, we are optimistic that students will be able to bring out their best of their performances.