Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro

"Your Excellence School" - YES!

Why Yoezerling?

If you want to prepare your children for their future and not for our past….

If you think Competition, Cooperation and Collaboration are skills that you would like to have them inculcated in your children….

If you want your child to be life long learner who could capitalize in the Knowledge based economy…

Yoezerling School in Paro is just the School as it works towards preparing children to be GLOBALLY COMPETENT AND CULTURALLY GROUNDED.

Located in Olathang with a perfect blend of nature and architecture, the school campus provides unique and conducive learning environment.

What drives the School in this turbulent educational landscape of 21st Century is our motto of “Care & Quality” and our Mission “to provide teaching styles that respects students learning styles, and engage students in programs that are challenging and require critical and creative thinking”. Our strict adherence to the Motto and our Mission for the last nine years has kept the School growing both in size and reputation.

Our academic courses in Science, Commerce and Arts in Class XI and XII are deeply rooted in knowledge with theories and concept well -grounded through customized instructions and practicals of learnings with superlative synergy. Our consciously designed teacher-student ratio at 1: 22 help students learn at their own pace thereby valuing every student.

The child’s progression into their learnings are made easier and fun by our hard working, experienced, committed and caring faculty who values every student and celebrate their learning.

Further, coaching classes, remedial classes and extra classes by our faculty is a part of our teaching learning culture in the school in our perseverance to help children learn not just in breadth but also in depth.
Our Non-Academic activities are planned in such a way that it keeps children in healthy and meaningful engagements. The activities are designed with the philosophy to “Compete with themselves and cooperate with others”.
Above all, we ensure that non-academic activities are used to promote not only global skills but also our traditional values.

Our infrastructure, our caring faculty and our Yoezerling Community – all synergize in our constant endeavor to pursue and approach learning to help children develop into wholesome being – that is our philosophy and culture at Yoezerling.


Every new dawn holds a new promise – a promise of renewed hope for the future! We are the key to that future! Join us and realize the PROMISE.