Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro

"Your Excellence School" - YES!


Yoezerling School intends to use the powerful tool of assessment not just to grade the students, but more importantly as a yardstick to measure the teaching learning process and progress. The school uses various assessment techniques such as continuous assessments, monthly tests and term end summative examinations.

In doing so, the school gives assignments and conduct tests on regular basis. Further, the outcomes of such assignments and tests are used to enhance teaching learning process in the school.

As such the students are required to:

  1. Complete the assigned class work, homework and project work on time, and submit to teachers for assessment.
  2. Ensure that assignments such as homework and projects work are done through the student’s own efforts, and not by your parents, elders or friends.
  3. Attend seriously to all the monthly tests and Examinations as reflected in the school calendar, and use their outcome to further improve learning

Further, each of the test and examination are followed by rigorous staff meeting to discuss performance, and more importantly, to strategize for further performance enhancement.