Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro

Leadership Matters

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Even as we envisage to make the education relevant to our children and the Innovative-driven 21st century world, we would like to inform our parents/guardians that we are doing our best. We have consciously and meticulously tried to weave the theme of leadership in our daily practices in the school. While it is challenging, given the mandatory activities with which the school at times gets overwhelmed with, we have judiciously tried to exercise creative destruction. This approach of creative destitution has enabled us to create some space and time to infuse, embed and integrate leadership themes in our school activities.

We have successfully launched the 7 habits of highly effective youths and components of Emotional Intelligence in the Term I. The take off of these two programs have not been as expected, but we are quite happy that the beginning has been made. We intend to give some spur to it in Term II. Further, a dose of media literacy was organized for the students with facilitator from MoIC so that our students do not become victim of the social media splurge. A leadership session on “Dreaming BIG dream” was also organized with Dr. Solomon Wang and Lori Wang to help students identify and unleash their potentials.

However, all these activities have not diluted the academic vigor that is required for higher secondary school. The daily teaching learning has reserved its due importance with monitoring of students works both by teachers and the Principal. Our culture of monthly tests were further complemented with Re-Test wherein students who could not make it through the monthly tests were again given a second chance to re-appear the tests. The guided and supervised study hours have also been lengthened to four and half hours a day from three hours last year.

The Term II has in store some equally engaging and meaningful activities like Career Seminar, Student Parliament, fund raising to help Chithuen Phendey Association, Interactions with Lam Zhenphen and other through Nazhoen Lamtoen to help our children gain better understanding and exposure to the real world of works. In academics, we have remedial classes, coaching hours, Model test and focus tests to help our children be better prepared.

With a pragmatic blend of the academic and non-academics aspects of students’ life, Yoezerling is persevering to make education more relevant and more meaningful in the lives of our children. We will also be looking forward to your genuine feedback and mass participation in our program as you have been doing uphill now.

“Education is the passport to the future, for the tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”.
– Malcolm X