Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro

"Your Excellence School" - YES!

Our Philosophy

Co-curricular activities (CCAs) play a very important role in making education wholesome. Yoezerling School strongly supplements academic vigor with co-curricular vitality throughout the year. Most of the co-curricular activities are conducted as inter-house competitions. Each of the activities are closely guided and monitored by the housemasters and coordinators to inculcate the following virtues in our students:

  1. Social Values
  2. Civic virtues
  3. Moral values
  4. Love and appreciation of our culture and traditions
  5. Leadership and team spirit

The school provides the following CCA in the school:

  1. Games and sports
  2. Cultural activities
  3. Literary activities
  4. Club activities
  5. Scouting activities

It is mandatory for all the students take part in at least three co-curricular activities in a year. Participation will be recorded in the school participation page in the school diary. The participation by students will be encouraged and ensured by the class teachers, housemasters and club coordinators by putting their initials on the participation page. Such records will later be used for character certificating.