Yoezerling Higher Secondary School

Olathang, Paro


Having successfully completed 10 years offering education services, Yoezerling Higher Secondary School is all geared to become “YES!” from 2019 under the new management innovation of iED,  (Institue of Excellence and Development – a capacity building private training firm based in Thimphu,) 

“YES!”  is  a new dream  building on a decade of experience, and aspires to create an eco-system of education services so that our children receive the best of the services and the opportunities. 

The “YES!” EcoSystem intends to integrate the discrete components of learning experiences into a wholesome approach for necessary focus and synergy.  “YES!” with its other allied portfolios of iED training, iED jobs and Edu-link is ready to ensure this superlative synergy to help prepare children for successful  transition through the world of education to the world of works.

“YES!” as an educational institution specializes in offering school education, which while respecting the mandates of Ministry of Education, will broaden and deepen the implementation of those mandates creatively and meaningfully to carve out a niche for our children. Understanding the fact that ‘ Every Child Excels Differently”, “YES!” is equipped with approaches and skills that are strongly anchored to getting the Excellence out of our students through various programs. 

iED training, as a government registered training firm, will help keep our staff on the fore front of educational innovations and initiatives, both in concepts and implementations, as they will have direct access to all the trainings of iED. The continuous professional development programs will enable and equip our teachers to be more effective. 

Edu-link, as a government registered eduction placement firm, will help our children have easy access  to various colleges in India and other countries including China, Bangladesh, Australia. The placement in the colleges abroad will be either on full scholarship, part payment or full payment, but no placement charges would be imposed on our children to ensure that our children has edge over others. Edu-link shall ever persevere to find a relevant and recognized avenues for further education abroad, should our children and parents opt for.

iED jobs, as a government recognized overseas job provider, will help find  jobs should our children and parents opt to discontinue studies after class XII and go for jobs. iED jobs, in compliance with Department of Employment, will help find jobs in countries like India, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

The “YES!” EcoSystem is envisaged to keep our children at the fore-front of all the access and opportunities so that they develop an edge over others. And, thats  what “YES!” EcoSystem is all about!